Rich in Culture Rich in Taste

The Mexican culture has always been known for the passion and love they put into their food. They have also been known for adding just the right spices to make unique dishes that sustain the test of time and providing generations and other cultures delicious Mexican Cuisine. From main courses to snacks and desserts, the culture always seem to amaze with the right amount of sugar and spices that leave you craving more even before you finish what you have. Galleta, pronounced (gah-YAY-tah), is the Spanish word for cookie, which is a staple at many restaurants, weddings, quinceaneras, and events. Now, what happens when you take traditional Mexican standards and cultures, mix in the right amount of sugar and spices, create a message in English and Spanish and put that message into a taco shaped cookie? Sorpresa (surprise), you get The Mexican Fortune Cookie!

What is a Mexican Fortune Cookie?

A Mexican Fortune Cookie is a bite-size cinnamon snack in the shape of taco with a fortune in it. Each crunchy and delicious cookie is packaged with a very unique message in it. The messages are printed with Spanish on one side and the English translation on the other. While the messages can be practical, humorous, or sometimes even philosophical, all messages are designed to be creative, educational and fun promotional tools to learn a new language one cookie at a time. Customers and critics are raving about this innovative cookie.

5 star